Sculptor in Bronze and Steel – SOUTH AFRICA

South African born Sculptor, Nicolas Lehmann, works between his industrial art studios in Cape Town South Africa and Europe. Lehmann is a creative auto-didact coming from a family of artisans. Lehmann’s family is originally German. Mostly self-taught, time and passion have forged his enthusiasm to pursue mastering the challenging mediums of steel and bronze. Lehmann is one of the rare artist whom creates designs and casts his bronzes, in his own foundry. Married to French spouse, with residence in Saint Paul de Vence, Nicolas has retained his international ties and continues to seize the moment and inspirations.

Nicolas Lehmann recently exhibited in February 2020 at The Grand Palais in Paris, ART CAPITAL, Salon des Artistes Independent where his Uniting People Collection was presented and received much success. Furthered by The Artshopping Art fair in Paris (April 2020 which got postponed to 2021), he participated at the International Art Fair 2020 ART3F in August 2020 in Monaco, the Alliance Francaise du Cap in Capetown, South Africa, and curated various pop-up exhibitions between October and December 2020.

Next year 2021, Lehmann will pursue the international shows between London, Dakar and Colombia, Germany, France and the USA always seeking at promoting his Art Brut.

Inspired by nature and people, Lehmann started in 1995 with his sculptural work. He has never ceased to forge, twist, and shape forms and figurines. His material medium has varied from recycled steel to bronze. In the last decade, Lehmann has opened his own foundry in his Cape town Studios where his latest bronzes are being cast. Each of Lehmann’s sculpture are all individually crafted. He is one of the only artist’s to cast his own bronzes.

Lehmann continuous thirst for pushing boundaries, developing and honing his skills as a prolific figure in his field of expertise, Lehmann has emerged as a credible sculptor in his own right.